“On Hope” featuring Nishan Kazazian, AIA at King’s College

On March 10, 2023,  Nishan Kazazian will be presenting via zoom with the British Psychoanalytical Society  in Collaboration with the Centre for Philosophy and Art at King’s College, London as part of the ‘Questioning the Obvious’ series, “On Hope”.

Dostoevsky was emphatic about hope: “To live without hope is to cease to live. Hell is hopelessness.” In our world today, hope does intuitively feel like a vital necessity. But: what is hope? Is it the same as optimism? As faith? Or desire? Was Dostoevsky right about it being essential for life? Or is it an unhelpful denial of our difficulties, a destructive fob?  What might art, theory and clinical practice tell us about this elusive thing called hope? Join philosophers, analysts and artists to debate these questions.

Nishan Kazazian’s presentation is embedded in Personal, Social, cultural  and Familial experiences, events and circumstances  and its impact on the artistic  creative process. HOPE being an ambivalent catalyst for endurance, resistance, resilience, reemergence, transformation and adaptation. Expressed through artworks that stand on their own purely as artistic expressions and by intersecting with architecture they become a catalyst for exploring ideas for alternative solutions to our living spaces and imaginary survival methods.

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