New Book by Professor Mark Hage

Congratulations to Mark Hage, Parsons SCE faculty, on the publication of Capital, a photographic essay and exploration of New York’s shuttered stores, and a mediation on impermanence.

“At first, and perhaps out of discomfort, I walked by thinking of them as surface, without seeking depth or further understanding. But with time, I started to look inside, lingered, and began to take photographs of the worlds within.”

Published by A Public Space Books as part of the Sightlines series, Capital invites the reader to explore a disappearing and gentrified city and stay attentive to the accidental compositions and architectural vestiges serving as a visual eulogy to the hidden labour that brought those iconic spaces to live.

“Each rectangle is its own poem,” writes Anne Elliott, author of The Artstars. “If I were teaching painting, I would use Capital as a textbook.”