Morbid Anatomy Museum in The Architect’s Newspaper


Interior view of the Morbid Anatomy Museum. Image: Robert Kirkbride

The Morbid Anatomy Museum, which opened its new permanent building in the Gowanus area of Brookly in June 2014, is featured in an article by Audrey Wachs in The Architect’s Newspaper, published November 23, 2015. The Museum was designed by SCE Associate Dean Robert Kirkbride, together with architect Anthony Cohn. Kirkbride’s design draws heavily on his research into the 15th-century Italian studioli, small but richly symbolic rooms developed to aid in training the memory and learning about developing fields such as natural science, history, and geography. In addition to its permanent collection and library, the Museum hosts highly focused temporary exhibitions. The Museum also hosts numerous lectures and other special events. As Wachs writes of the Morbid Anatomy Museum’s concept, “the design responds (both to a limited budget and) to history, drawing out the building’s story to create a layered space for display and study. Obsolete coal chutes and staircases that dead end into the wall are fashioned into mourning shrines.”