MFA Industrial Design student Jessica Thies has been named the Winner for the 2022 / Special Awards / FOOTWEAR INNOVATION with her project: Shrooes.

Shrooes are a footwear design which collaborates with living mycelium to bond with a knitted textile upper. Mycelium, the root-like structure of fungi, are sentient organisms which can bond with textile materials. As footwear today uses synthetic foams, are constructed with toxic adhesives, and unable to biodegrade, I am exploring the potential for a mycelium foam midsole which replaces adhesives. King Oyster mycelium has a high compression strength and a similar density to cork, with the potential to be used as a casual footwear sole. Overall, the entire shoe would be biodegradable.

Jess Thies believes the future will be grown. She is passionate about using circular design and biofabricated material innovation to drive us to a more regenerative future. Her design practice challenges the status quo of design and manufacturing today; a materials based approach which combines science research, trend forward textiles and living systems.

Shrooes Winner 2022/Special Awards/ FOOTWEAR INNOVATION