MFA Arch student, Nick Tafel temporarily trades in NYC for Portland

MFA Arch student, Nick Tafel temporarily trades in NYC for Portland. Nick has relocated to Portland, OR for the summer where he will be interning at the Nike headquarters for their Global Retail Design team. The Global Retail Design studio at Nike is responsible for designing retail concepts and environments that are deployed to their respective geographic locations. Tafel mentions that, they (Nike) truly appreciate the design interns here because we are the ‘next generation of creatives.’

Tafel is excited to share that as interns they have access to special making and production facilities as well as classes that teach/coach them through the great facilities right at their finger tips. Tafel is currently gearing up for his screen printing and machine sewing classes at the headquarters. At the end of Nick’s term with Nike, the design interns have a show where they have the opportunity to showcase their work to all of Nike Design including the CEO and VP of Global Design.

Tafel says that, “Nike seems to really value design and seems to really care about investing the future of these industries. It has been a very inspiring place to work so far.”