Mark Gardner Talks to AIA About Diversity and Inclusion

Mark Gardner, Director of the Masters of Architecture program, has talked to the AIA about the role the current generation of students has in challenging the existing institutional landscape, including the university, and domineering pedagogies.

“If you want diversity, it’s an action. You actually have to create it.”

Although he feels there is no quick answer and solution to a series of crises, the moment of social upheaval needs to be unpacked before we face another backlash.

The interview also features Nelson De Jesus Ubri, Parsons Architecture alum, who is pursuing a dual degree in architecture and real estate at Columbia GSAPP, and is simultaneously involved in activism, leading an initiative on queer topics, from the physical erasure of queer history across NYC to homelessness amongst LGBTQI+ youth and work with other marginalized communities.

For the full interview, please visit the AIA’s page.