M.Arch Students’ Proposal Received an Award of Merit by the Mayor of Venice


Parsons was the only North American School invited to participate in the “Marghera City of Making: International Design Competition.” The design competition aims to explore visions and urban schemes envisaging the re-articulation of manufacturing areas in between Mestre and Marghera industrial area in Italy, the two mainland cities connected to Venice.

The proposal explores the post-industrial urban condition of Marghera and how it can become a thriving, self-sustaining community while establishing a stronger link to the existing culture of Venice.

The intervention will focus on the adaptive reuse of abandoned manufacturing buildings and the existing infrastructure of bike lanes that currently connect Venice to Marghera. Through the re-use of these existing structures, the project seeks to create public spaces and productive activities where migrant communities and long-time residents have a forum to exchange ideas and work in collaboration. By focusing on enhancing infrastructure between Margehra and Venice, the project lays a foundation for a stronger economic and social connection between the two cities.

Students presented their project at IUAV (Università Iuav di Venezia) with 8 other participating international schools in May and were presentation with an award of Merit for their participation of the project by the Mayor of Venice at the opening of the Venice pavilion at on May 25th.

The project, is currently displayed at Venice Biennale, Gardini in the Venice Pavilion, running from May 26-November 27, 2018.


Ann Le, Alex Guerra, Jonathan Lampson, Vivan Lee, Benjamin Quint-Glick, Christian Smoke


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