M.Arch graduate and Landor Creative Director Anthony Deen’s Logos for WTC Revealed

Landor Associates' new WTC logo. Image: Chester Higgins/New York Times

Last week, signage along a construction fence at the World Trade Center site revealed the new World Trade Center logo, developed by Anthony Deen,  Creative Director of Environments at Landor Associates and Parsons M.Arch alumnus Anthony Deen.  The design is highly symbolic of both the history and the significance of the site, referencing at least 6 key aspects of the World Trade Center’s past, present and future, including the Towers of Light memorial and the steel tridents that defined Minoru Yamisaki’s original building. The logo has been covered extensively in the press since it was unveiled, with an article in the New York Times, a complete explanation of the logo’s 6 symbolic design elements at Bloomberg News, and further analysis at the graphic design and corporate branding web magazine Brand New.