Lunch Talk with Architect Masashi Sogabe

Lunch Talk with MASASHI SOGABE

Award-winning architect Masashi Sogabe will discuss how he addresses social issues, such as demographic change and natural disaster, through design.

Sogabe has worked on numerous projects such as Toyota Group Pavilion at the Aichi Expo 2005 that received a Good Design Award, and the “mAAch ecute KANDA MANSEIBASHI,” a multi-use shopping complex located in a former train station that won an AIJ (Architectural Institute of Japan) prize in 2015.

Sogabe has collaborated on several disaster preparedness projects, including the exhibition design for the Earth Manual Project in Kobe, Japan in 2013, a touring exhibition that will make its U.S. debut at Parson’s Sheila Johnson Design Center in fall of 2018.



Sogabe is the cofounder of MIKAN and professor of architecture. He received his Master’s degree from the Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1988.  After graduating, he worked at Toyo Ito & Associates, Architects until 1994.  He served as Assistant Professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology from 1994-1995, as Associate Professor at the Tokyo University of the Arts from 2001-2006, and has been a Professor at Kanagawa University since 2006.


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