Lo Cal City publication

Edited by David Leven and Stella Betts with Astrid Lipka as faculty advisor, the student editorial group comprised of 2011 thesis students Amanda Waal, Melanie Hendel, John Loercher and Siena Shaw.

Through the work of the 2011 thesis students, Lo Cal City presents a new way of conceiving of architecture in the 21 Century City.  By aggressively uncovering embedded radical efficiencies in a place – the true local in a locale – and positing how cities can minimize the metabolism of energy, Lo Cal City maximizes the experience of architecture. In this approach, architecture embeds itself in the logics of a locale as local, low calorie and Lo Cal.contributors.

Lo Cal City is funded in part by a grant from Parsons-wide school-based funds.

To download, click here: Lo Cal City