SCE Faculty Designs Chosen for Little Free Libraries Competition

The Little Free Library Competition asked architects to design small shelters to house books that passersby can take and leave as they see fit.

Three SCE faculty members, Alfred Zollinger, Mark Rakatansky and Aaron White, created little free library designs that will be included and installed for the IDEAS CITY Street Festival, taking place on Saturday, May 4, 2013.


Alfred Zollinger of Matter Practice and Director of the Design Workshop, designed a little free library that emphasizes the need for times of slowness and intimacy in a fast-paced city. Books are contained in two boxes and a clear glass orb invites the reader to examine a book of his/her choosing then and there.

Mark Rakatansky_Open Stacks_Invitation

Mark Rakatansky, of Mark Rakatansky Studio, with Aaron White designed a little free library that encourages interactions between readers. The design utilizes a fence as an entryway instead of a barrier, with books set up on shelves in between the slats of the fence. Readers are able to access books on both sides of the fence.

For more information, please visit Little Free Library NYC Website.