Launch of Energy Measurement for our SCE Building

The Design Workshop ’09 team is proud to announce that the 25 East 13th Building Dashboard system is now fully operational.

This system was installed as a tool for administration, facilities staff, and students to help understand and track energy consumption.  We hope this can be a device that can help facilitate behavioral and physical changes that will decrease our consumption over time.

The Building Dashboard system displays usage in real time, and allows this information to be displayed in a variety of ways and timeframes. This information is available anytime online at .  In addition, a permanent display has been installed on the monitor at the second floor studio entrance.

This information can also be added to your iGoogle homepage in the form of a widget; just click the “+ iGoogle Gadget” button in the lower right hand corner of the dashboard website.

We have the information…let’s work together to demonstrably shrink our carbon footprint!