Marilila Kyrtata (MFA ID ’12) included in GREAT 2013 Exhibition in Athens, Greece


MFA Interior Design 2012 Alum, Marilila Kyrtata, was selected to be included in GREAT 2013, an exhibition highlighting Greek Architectural Talent. It was one of 41 thesis projects selected out of over 500 submissions. The exhibition opened on May 20, 2013 and will run until June 9, 2013.

Lila’s thesis project, “Cabinet” explores scent in a three-dimensional way. The project features a number of Cabinets that contain different scents and hang suspended in the air. As the viewer moves and opens the cabinets, the different aromas escape and blend together to form new scents. The new fragrances that result will evoke different feelings or memories.

Lila also created a portable and interactive model in which the viewer is invited to spin a unique collection of scents on a turntable, again resulting in a new, hybrid fragrance.

Lila’s work can be found on the Greek Architectural Talent’s website here.