Kristen Teutonico

Kristen Teutonico, a 2009 graduate of the Master of Architecture Program at SCE was awarded a Fulbright US Student Program Scholarship in architecture as announced by the US Department of State and the J. WIlliam Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board.  Kristen’s project description is:

“Focusing on the urban form, socio-makeup, and ecology of the three villages of Akloli, Vajreshwari, and Ganeshpuri in Mumbai’s Tansa River Basin the project is an exercise in learning and responding with the ambition to devise a site specific design proposal through an understanding of visually extracted data formatted as maps and diagrams and an ethnographic study of the area.  The design will be born of the needs of the area and its community in its transformation into an inevitable tourist region; and the paper will discuss the focus area in relation to India’s cultural tourism and design history and be contextualized through a discussion of design theory, ecological urbanism, tourism and development of marginal cities, and socially sustainable design.”