Kimberly Ackert Designs Saint Laurent + Halston Exhibition at FIT


Installation view of Saint Laurent + Halston exhibition at FIT Museum. Image: Kimberly Ackert, Ackert Architecture

SCE faculty member Kimberly Ackert created the exhibition design for the FIT Museum’s latest show, Saint Laurent + Halston: Fashioning the 70s. In an interview on the museum’s blog, Ackert explained how her design acknowledged the stylistic differences between these iconic designers: “Halston was known as a minimalist, while Yves Saint Laurent tended towards exoticism, and I wanted to express these differences geometrically. Our office researched graphic art from the 70s and found a pattern of interlocking circles and squares that merged the minimal straight lines of Halston with the more dynamic curves of Yves Saint Laurent. The pattern ultimately inspired the design of the complex, multi-tiered platform composed of tubular steel, large plexi-glass panels, and curved metal mesh.”

Saint Laurent + Halston is on view through April 18 in the Special Exhibitions Gallery at the FIT Museum, located at Seventh Avenue and 27th Street. Admission is free.