Kalil Fellowship Grant Winner Pecha Kucha

20 slides 20 seconds each, from a selection of winners of the Kalil Fellowship Grant, Beginning of the 10th Anniversary Kalil Celebration.

Lily Wong: “Water. A Study of Indian Step Well Architypes”
Elizabeth Parker: “From Interiors to Urban Enclaves: Scaling Sustainable Water Strategies”
Matthew Bissen: “Urban Development Patterns of Brazil”
Alice Chun: “911 House- Emergency Housing”
Matthew Baird: “Workshop Series- Selecting Sustainable Materials”
Paul Makovsky: “Architects and Sustainable Housing”
Michael Morris + Yoshiko Sato: “Living House”
Lewis Tsurumaki Lewis, Study: “Villa Girasole by Invernizzi”
Eric Bunge: “Archilab Economy of the Earth”
Laura Briggs and Jonathan Knowles, BRIGGSKNOWLES: “MOVIT”
03 November, Thursday, 6:30pm
The Glass Corner, Rm 206, 25 East 13th Street                     sce.parsons.edu/labs/michael-kalil