Julian von der Schulenburg Wins Design Competition in Munich

JULIAN VON DER SCHULENBURG LLC, or VON in short, is an architectural design firm founded in 2007 and is based out of Munich Germany and Brooklyn New York. Its passion and field of expertise include all architectural scales from furniture design to interiors, architecture and urban planning.

The firm is interested in exploring the metaphysical potential of objects and spaces. Its design philosophy is rooted in the binary relationship between the rational and the emotional-subconscious dimensions of architecture. VON works with material, structure, ornament and light, to form layered sensory spaces that evoke atmospheric quality and depth.

Registered in the USA and Europe, the firm is equipped to take on, manage and complete design and construction projects on both continents. Its transatlantic ties enables the company to take part in international design competitions, and to be at the cutting-edge of academic discourse at European and American universities.

2_Der roh belassene Veranstaltungsraum der 'Kathedrale' mit Blick auf die 'Wabenstadt' in der Jutierhalle

Design Team: Julian von der Schulenburg (Architect), Philipp Dettmer (Film Producer), Franz Wanner (Video Artist), Luigi Grosso (Architect)

Articles in German published on the website of the City of Munich to be translated via Google Chrome: