Intersections: Population Slam, 12–14 Nov. 2010

This performance/colloquium is in conjunction with a University Lecture course builds on the past Catastrophe and Infrastructure slams. This slam will focus on the population explosion and the impact on global infrastructures.

November 11, 7-10 pm: Watertables 2010, a dinner hosted by the Product Design program as part of the Living Concrete/Carrot City exhibition in the Kellen Gallery. By invitation only.

November 12, 8 pm – November 13, 8 pm: 24-hour design slam, entitled “POPULATION SLAM,” The event is part of Robert Kirkbride’s ULEC course “Intersections: Population Slam.”

November 14: The work produced during the slam will be exhibited in the gallery.

Location: Arnold and Sheila Aronson Galleries, unless otherwise indicated

Sheila C. Johnson Design Center, Fifth Avenue at 13th Street