, online research tool, reviewed in ‘Objective’ is an online database and research platform of historic, modern and contemporary interiors. A call for feedback is included in the spring/summer 2017 issue of ‘Objective’, the Journal of the History of Design and Curatorial Studies Program at Parsons.

The goal of the InsideInside website is to organize a resource platform for the study of interior spaces. We are committed to the notion that interiors deserve critical study; inclusive of all elements that together create habitable space. This site aims to support a deeper appreciation of how we compose the spaces where we live and work. With access to historical, global and speculative examples, this interactive digital archive encourages the understanding of comparative and multi-cultural aesthetic norms that are inevitably expressed through interior composition.

InsideInside was created by Johanne Woodcock, Associate Professor of Interior Design at Parsons and in collaboration with Rachel Cassiman, Cassiman is the Reference and Instruction Librarian at The New School. Research assistants from MA History of Design and Curatorial Studies and web development completed by MFA Design and Technology students also contributed to the site.

Image: Desktop View, Photos by Thomas Ledl, Bruce Berkow and Alain Steinberg