Hugo Costa Drawing Exhibition Opens December 17th

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Image: Hugo Costa

Hugo Costa is a Portuguese architect and visiting scholar at Parsons. The Drawings exhibited are among a larger group of around 300, incorporating varying style, technique and scale. With the support of a research/teaching grant, he has been exploring New York City neighborhoods and architecture through drawing and rendering, documenting experience through graphic diary. His passion for teaching has led him to incorporate research, graphic expression and representation into the work shown.

Trying to “see” this dynamic city from Long Island Beach to the Bronx through drawing has been such a visually enriching experience. Expressing the atmosphere, light and form I experienced under the Brooklyn Broadway metro beams was thrilling and intense and stirring. Today, after a few short months here, New York has become so different in my eyes.


Date: Thursday, December 17th
Time: 5:00 PM
Location: SCE gallery, 25 E 13 St, 2nd floor