Guest Lecture: Ghislaine Vinas, Interior Designer

February 8, 2011
12:30 to 2:pm
55 West 13th Street, Room I202

Ghislaine Vinas is driven daily by her passion for interior design especially by form and color. “Color excites me. As a child, I would feel a rush of excitement when opening a box of crayons.” Ghilsaine’s interior design work is highly inventive, for example using reuse by searching ebay and treating ‘antique’ pieces such as her half dipped chairs in the Warren Street Townhouse, and her upholstering of a Louis the 15th copy with acrylic sheeting to reveal yarn stuffing.

Ghislaine studied interior design at Philadelphia University and moved to New York right after receiving her degree. In 2007 she won the Interior Design Best of Year Merit Award for Best Residential Design. In the same year, she also won the Pantone “Color Outside the Lines” competition.

Hosted by Johanne Woodcock, AAS Interior Design Program Director