Gaining STEAM/D, SCE Interior Design Faculty Join the Conversation with Other Educators

Interior design faculty, Nadia Elrokhsy, and Yu Nong Khew join the IDEC (Interior Design Education Council) discussion on “The Role of Interior Design in STEM/STEAM/STEAMD Initiatives” in the Fall 2019 issue of IDEC Exchange. The Exchange publication is a forum to reflect on critical issues facing the field of interior design and interior design education.

In this IDEC Exchange issue, professors Elrokhsy and Khew present their thoughts and classroom experience as a case in point to whole-heartedly express their support for widespread recognition and attestation that interior design is STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) education. Furthermore, they speak to the fact that environmental, ecological, and evidence-based design practices within the field of interior design have highlighted the role of design in creatively and strategically bringing together art and science for well being in the constructed environment. They call for educators and practitioners to advance curricula, stake a claim, and advocate for STEAMD (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics and Design) designated-degree program recognition at the governmental level.



Top left: Diana Erazo’s window panel

Top Right: Student Jennifer Shiman Kwan’s 100% wool acoustic wall panel

Bottom Left: Student Yixin Chang’s mycelium wall panel

Bottom Middle + Bottom Right: Student Benjamin Kapoor’s mycelium acoustic ceiling panel.