Flatpack City Exhibit

The SCE Lobby Gallery exhibit engages two practices that thoughtfully plan deployments in communities in need: Anselmo Canfora’s “Initiative reCOVER, and  Deborah Gans Studio’s “New Orleans Mon Amour”.

Anselmo Canfora and his Initiative reCOVER – a University of Virginia School of Architecture design/build program established to assist humanitarian organizations with efforts to improve the built environment for populations affected by natural and man-made disasters, known for their recent work in Uganda.

Deborah Gans Studio are New York based architects known for their work on projects for Bowery Homeless Shelters and proposals for the Sioux community in the Dakotas, exhibited in the 11th Venice Archtiecture Biennale. At SCE Gans exhibits “New Orleans Mon Amour”, a project that adaptively reuses and inserts architecture and landscape infrastructure to provide for a sustainable future for the poorest neighborhood in New Orleans.

Both groups demonstrate their approach to “Planning” and “Building” as collaborative efforts well informed by thoughtful research, substantive interdisciplinary exchanges, and direct community involvement.

29 October thru 30 November 2009