Faculty Eva Perez de Vega and her M.Arch Design Studio 1 students participate in the Gingerbread City exhibition at Southstreet Seaport Museum, Invited by the Museum of Architecture

Come see the structures and landscapes built out of gingerbread and other edible (compostable!) treats, for the “Urban Flooding” theme of the exhibition. at The Seaport from 18 November 2023 until 7 January 2024

About the Exhibit: The Gingerbread City® is a city of the future, designed and constructed entirely from gingerbread and candy by top architects, engineers and designers, and has been created annually by the Museum of Architecture since 2016 in London with over 120,000 visitors to date.

This holiday season the Museum of Architecture is bringing our festive and mouthwatering exhibition to NYC for its first ever foray outside of the UK. The exhibition champions sustainable design ideas and puts an exciting twist on the traditional gingerbread house.

This year’s theme is Water in Cities and includes areas such as: Canal City, Water Infrastructure, Urban Flooding, Desert Landscape, Underwater and Floating City and Frozen Landscape. The gingerbread structure designs will inspire visitors to think about building resilient cities that respond to the challenges of this vital resource.

Students participating:

Kamila Carpio

Elle Desjardins

Daniel   Dohad

Roberto Esquenazi Alkabes

Jamie Gutin

 Erin Hu

Conor Keane

Lizzy Lane

Madeline Lawson

Jesus Muniz

Daksha Pathak

Preston, Thayer

Smith, Audrey G.

Tickets: https://www.thegingerbreadcity.com/newyork.html