Equitable Public Space Fellowship Applications due 3/18

Design Trust is seeking candidates from historically marginalized groups and underrepresented perspectives who are curious, driven, and passionate about NYC’s shared spaces and transforming the city’s landscape.

The Design Trust Equitable Public Space Fellowship Program, now in its third year, supports the next generation of urban designers, architects, landscape architects, and planners in contributing to complex public space challenges in our global city. As we surveyed the representation of minority groups in the design profession and the growing diversity of NYC’s neighborhoods, we recognized the need to reflect the people we serve.

The Fellow will join the Design Trust team as a full-time paid staff member for an intensive one-year fellowship to begin in June 2018 and end in July 2019, and will become a part of the Design Trust community, interact with project fellows, partners, and collaborators. We will select a promising emerging professional whose life and work experience will contribute significantly to the design expertise and design thinking in our work with community-based organizations and public agencies.

Benefits include:

  • Opportunity to have a real impact on New York City’s public spaces through Design Trust projects;
  • Cross-sector experience with urban planning, design, community organizations, non-profits, government, and private entities; and a firsthand look at how systems work in New York to affect the public space in the city;
  • Contributing ideas and expertise on issues in the field and participating in Design Trust publicationsevents, and public work, and opportunity to represent the Design Trust at conferences throughout the US;
  • Hands-on professional development and mentorship, and the network of over 100 Design Trust Fellows;
  • $40,000 salary for the year along with full healthcare benefits.
We welcome applications from anyone with a 2-year or 4-year degree from a community college or university. The Fellowship is not open to candidates who have completed a graduate degree.

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