Differniture – a new venture to re-use discarded woodwork

Aakriti Kumar, Parsons alumna, started a venture to reclaim discarded floorboards, beams, and other woodwork, and convert it into sustainable yet intricate pieces of new furniture. Having started her journey with just one carpenter, Aakriti now has an established furniture design atelier, Differniture, based in New Delhi.

Her practice embraces alternative and sustainable approaches to design, incorporating “zero waste” philosophy into the production of chairs, tables, consoles, dining tables, sofas, wooden chandeliers, lamps etc. Diverting from conventional economic wisdom where furniture is manufactured and sold to be discarded a few years later, Aakriti’s intent so far has been to convert it into an “heirloom” that one can pass on from generation to generation. 

Recently, she has launched a new project that has eco-friendly housing at its heart:

“I am focussing on creating cabins in the mountains, up in the Himalayas. I have already done a sample house and it’s all using the same ideology, the same eco-friendly approach.”

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