Congratulations to MFA Architecture student, Oda Olafsrud in receiving the NORAM Award!

Congratulations to Oda Olafsrud on receiving the NORAM Award! Parsons SCE is so pleased to announce that Oda Olafsrud has received the NORAM Award from the Norwegian American Foundation at the Norwegian Nobel Institute.
The Norway-American Association (NORAM) is a small non-profit organization founded in 1919 by  the American-Scandinavian Foundation and Norwegians Worldwide. The Norway-America Association’s mission is to strengthen the ties between Norway and North-America through educational exchange. NORAM’s goal is to provide funding to encourage more students, researchers and professionals to study in the US and gain important experience. Candidates for awards are recommended to the ASF by cooperating organizations and evaluated through a two phase process.
The award was presented based on Oda’s portfolio and background qualifications. The award that Oda received is The Andrew E. and G. Norman Wigeland Fund via NORAM and ASF (American-Scandinavian Foundation) which will support Oda’s last (thesis) year at Parsons.
Links below to Oda Olafsrud’s portfolio.