Congratulations, Fall 2021 Graduands!

SCE would like to congratulate its Fall 2021 AAS Interior Design graduands. The AAS Interior Design student, known as career changers, overcomes many obstacles to follow their passion, leveraging previous formal education and life-learning to enter a profession dedicated to helping shape the human experience in the constructed environment. The increasingly essential role of the designer as a facilitator of change values an entrepreneurial, broadly integrative spirit. In the words of one of our Fall Graduands, Daniela Lam, “Coming into Parsons with an undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies (and a minor in accounting), an interdisciplinary approach to Interior Design was important to me.” Daniela Lam was the Tishman Environment and Design Center’s inaugural 2021/21 Aronson Fellow at The New School, researching the Tiny House Movement in the context of climate change.
Having emerged from a pandemic, conditionally, while responding to massive disruptions of all kinds, many of which were necessary and long overdue, this graduating class of Fall 2021 has earned our most profound appreciation and pride for having achieved their academic goals. So, a wholehearted cheers! to them as we welcome the New Year, 2022.