Close to the Edge: The Birth of Hip-Hop Architecture Opening

M.Arch Director, Mark Gardner, is on the advisory abroad, and part-time faculty Peter Robinson will be part of the conversation on Close to the Edge: The Birth of Hip-Hop Architecture

Hip-hop is a cultural movement established by the Black and Latino youth of New York’s South Bronx neighborhood in the early 1970s. Over the last five decades, hip-hop’s primary means of expression—deejaying, emceeing, b-boying, and graffiti—have become globally recognized creative practices in their own right, and each has significantly impacted the urban built environment.  Hip-Hop Architecture produces spaces, buildings, and environments that embody the creative energy evident in these means of hip-hop expression. Close to the Edge: The Birth of Hip-Hop Architecture exhibits the work of students, academics, and practitioners at the center of this emerging architectural revolution.

The Opening is on Monday, 10/01 from 6-8pm at the Center for Architecture.

Exhibition Curation & Design: Sekou Cooke
Graphic Design: WeShouldDoItAll (WSDIA)
Graffiti: Chino

Organized by

Center for Architecture