Christine Facella receives the 2017 ASLA Student Award for FORESTS ON THE EDGE

Congratulations to Christine Facella on receiving the 2017 ASLA Student Award! Facella earned her Masters from City College in 2017 receiving a degree in Landscape Architecture (MLA) and is an alumna of Parsons BFA Product Design program. Please find below Facella’s project statement in which she received her award for. To read more on the project narrative and to view more images, please click HERE!

Plant-Based Economies Driving Ecological Renewal in Haiti


Using Haiti as a prototypical case-study, this project investigates the utilization of live fences as a catalyst for reforestation through the choreographed design of economically and environmentally beneficial linear forests. Specifically situated for subsistence farmers in Haiti, this supportive ‘fabric’ of forests is poly-functional: buffering neighboring crops from damaging winds, improving crop moisture retention, stabilizing and enriching soils, and–critically–providing the raw resources for a diverse portfolio of local, plant-based income generation.  In Haiti, 98% of native forests have been removed and 65% of the land is devoted to agricultural use. The majority of farms are delineated by a thin 0.5-5m wide live fence in which this system can be implemented, respecting current land ownership.

A three phase system is proposed: building a foundation with training in soil conservation, followed by a strategic 3-5 year planting scheme, and culminating in a final phase of craftsman skills-building through the selective harvesting and processing of forest components (never fully removing a tree) into products for maximal financial output.