BFA ID Director, Yu Nong Khew quoted by Refinery 29 as the world approaches almost a year of pandemic living

As the world approaches almost a year of pandemic living, Yu Nong Khew shares her thoughts with Refinery 29. Our homes will be ready for whatever comes next.

Yu Nong Khew is Director of the BFA Interior Design Program within SCE. Khew is quotes here,  “Home is where you feel secure for some people — not everybody — but I think when we experience trauma in our lives, and losing a job is traumatic, I think that we kind of retreat into whatever our cave is,” says Yu Nong Khew, an assistant professor of interior design at Parsons, the New School. “There’s value in that, because when we spend time at home, we become more introspective. We look at more details that exist in our home that we may otherwise not see.” 

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