Bernheimer Architecture House Receives Commendation at Architectural Review Emerging Architecture Awards

quonny corner

Quonochontaug House, Rhode Island, by Bernheimer Architecture. Photo: Jeremy Bitterman


Bernheimer Architecture’s holiday home in Quonochontaug, Rhode Island, completed in early 2015, received a commendation from panelists David Adjaye, Odile Decq, and Peter Cook at Architectural Review’s Emerging Architecture Awards.  In his review of the house in Architectural Review, Michael Webb praised the deceptively simple design, whose box-like structure recalls vernacular Rhode Island architecture. Built in a flood zone, the house is raised on concrete pillars to protect it from storm surges. The exterior is clad in slats of charred, brushed and oiled cedar used in Japanese architecture to impede the spread of fire. The interior features dynamic daylighting through the use of extensive windows and lanterns, which draw light throughout the double height living space.

In addition to the Emerging Architecture commendation, this project won a 2015 AIA National Small Projects Award and was also featured as the May 2015, Architectural Record House of the Month. The project team for the house was Andrew Bernheimer, Max Worrell, and Aaron Forrest. All photos: Jeremy Bitterman