As It Is On Earth, a novel by Peter Wheelwright, published by the Fomite Press

The Fomite Press has announced the release date of September 15, 2012 for faculty member, Peter Wheelwright’s debut novel, As It Is On Earth.

As It Is On Earth is set in New England over seven days leading up to Columbus Day at the end of the Millennium, 1999. Narrated by Taylor Thatcher, an irreverent young university professor from a fallen family of Maine Puritans, the story follows his ruminative quest and errant attempts to escape from history.

Along the way, Thatcher is swept by Time through the “family thing” – from the tangled genetic and religious history of his New England parents to the redemptive birthday secret of Esther Fleur Noire Bishop, the Cajun-Passamaquoddy woman who raised him; and, finally, from love in the ruins of the Mayan Yucatan to his own last stand on Columbus Day at a high-stakes gambling casino, rising in resurrection over the starlit bones of a once-vanquished Pequot Indian Tribe.

Old New England, its landscapes, rivers, and tidal estuaries are also casualties of history in Thatcher’s story of Deep Time and the wayward collision of nature and civilization.

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