Announcing the Donghia Materials Library Competition Winners

The jury for the Donghia Materials Library Competition has agreed to a winning Entry!

On Monday, the JURY — Ada Tolla, LOTek ; David Lewis, LTLArchitects; Susan Senazy, Editor in Chief, Metropolis Magazine — came to Parsons and reviewed all the entries and had a great discussion on the most promising designs.

The First Prize:
“MOD cube” by Anny Chang, Zachary Taylor, Yong Yi Lee, Hayoung Baik

The Second Prize:
“Material Forest” By Zane Murray

Honorable Mentions:
“Bambini”: by Maxwell Singler, Michelle Tse, Bless Yee
“Bamboo and Bolts” by Jeff Carter, Elizabeth Parker

Thank you all for your participation and the winning entries will be displayed in the Materials Library Cases this week.