American Chemical Society: CALL FOR ABSTRACTS

American Chemical Society
2017 National Conference, 
San Francisco, CA: April 2nd-6th

“Chemistry & the Design of Physical Objects: Innovations from 1950 to the Present”


Deadline for Submissions: October 31, 2016

Innovations in chemistry, specifically the development of new materials and new reactions, can both drive and be driven by the design of physical objects. In this symposium, presenters will discuss intersections between chemical innovations and innovations in the design of physical objects from 1950 until the present. Design, for the sake of this symposium, can be broadly construed and includes (but is not limited to) graphic design, advertisements, fashion, furniture, interior design, architecture, and household objects. We welcome presentations (and diverse types of presentations and performances) in the form of case studies, historical analyses, technical reports, and patent examinations. We also welcome talks that examine how present innovations in chemistry and design will enable future innovations in both. Scholars and practitioners from all backgrounds are welcome to submit abstracts. Example talks/talk subjects are listed below.

Abstracts of 2,500 characters or less are due on 10/31 by 11:59 EST and can be submitted here under the [HIST] Division of the History of Chemistry (you will need to create a user account for this):


Chemistry and the Design of: Architecture                             

Example subject: Gunnite and Wallace Neff’s Bubble Domes

Chemistry and the Design of: Fashion

Example subjects: synthetic fibers, wearable electronics, hypercolor 

Chemistry and the Design of: Furniture

Example Talk: Revisiting Stock and Keeler’s “REPORT FOR ANALYSIS. Laboratory Furniture-A Study in Design” (Anal. Chem., 1956, 28 (8), pp 7–12)

Chemistry and Design: Environmental Issues  

Example subjects: dyes, synthetic fibers, plastics,

Full information about the submission process can be found here: