Alexis Kraft Interviewed in CNN Article on Interior Design


Brooklyn Townhouse by Kraft Studio. Photo: Michael Hayes

Alexis Kraft, director of the undergraduate architecture and interior design programs, was interviewed in a recent CNN article titled, “Do you really know your decorating style?” The article, written by Ann Hoevel, features tips on identifying one’s own personal style, managing the overwhelming amount of information now available to non-designers, and working with professional designers – people who have spent much time and effort developing their own individual styles. According to Kraft, “a designer starts to realize early on in their education and in their career that they need to have a sense of style,” he said. “They need to embrace and embody (a design style) that then becomes marketable for them: Their style becomes part of what (potential clients) are attracted to.”  One of the roles of the designer, according to Kraft, is working with clients to identify their own personal aesthetic.