Allan Wexler to speak at the Museum der Dinge, Berlin


Allan Wexler in collaboration with Ellen Wexler, “Two Too Big Tables,” 2006. Photo: Allan Wexler Studio

On November 28, SCE faculty member Allan Wexler will present, “Drawn into Architecture: On Fine and Applied Art” at the Museum der Dinge in Berlin, an industrial design museum collecting both 20th and 21st-century objects.  The institution also holds the archives of the Deutsche Werkbund, a vitally important association of applied artists, designers and architects active in Germany in the early 20th century.  Allan Wexler’s highly innovative and interdisciplinary practice has long bridged both architecture and the fine arts.  In his own words, “My love for architecture grew as I began to investigate fine art. Art distances us from the familiar. Art points at the world. Art and architecture (applied art) are situated on opposite ends of line, an axis. One end is hot one is cold. One is sound one is silence. One is black one is white. These ends are aligned – on the same line. This line is labeled art. An oscillation between these two ends creates a vibration. A sine wave connects fine art with applied art. They are equal but opposite. Fine art resonates with the applied art.”