Aftertaste 2013 The Atmosphere of Objects Reception

February 23, 2013
6:00 - 10:00 pm


"Design interruptions shift perceptions of common objects.  We seek to tinker with associations of the mundane and transform them into a celebration of the ordinary.  The resulting sensations offer a renewed appreciation and understanding of the influence objects have on our daily lives." -MFA INTERIOR DESIGN FIRST YEAR STUDENTS

The Atmosphere of Objects was a temporary environment realized by MFA Interior Design 1st year students - Rachel Miller-Crews, Katherine D'Zmura,  Cristina Noguer Guardiola, Kirsten Harris, Sara McElroy, Sophia Mitchell, Samantha Obell, Areum Park, Namratha Reddy, Paloma Sherman, Marianne Starke, Mint Thumrongluck, Luna Wang.

The Temporary Interior Workshop was led by artist Helen Quinn.
A tasting selection was prepared by guest chef Ashton Keefe.