Aftertaste 2015 Inside Imagination Reception

February 28, 2015
6:00 - 10:00 PM

"We have gone to far. We are trying desperately to regain a connection with nature,
with this earth that we call home.

We imagine a future in which nature is elevated
nature is levitated
nature is puppeteered
in a dire attempt to regain a connection with it.

We return to our primordial roots, to a time when we forage for food, searching
within and amongst nature to sustain our bodies, our minds and the well-being of
our world as whole.

We encourage you to search with your hands, with your eyes, with your minds and
with your tastebuds, to imagine a future where human and nature are reconnected

Inside Imagination was a temporary environment realized by MFA Interior Design Students - Rodrigo Arias, Gabriela Cerro, Shana Chock-Goldman, Charlene Chon, Maria del Corro, Liora Danon, Stef Foster, Kiersten Hill, Anqi Huang, Tapan Jani, Liza Kuhn, Odile Liu, Matt Martin, Stella Mo, Maria Claudia Narvaez Arango, Lauren Passaro, Nicole Ravasini, Shilpa Suresh Babu, Caitlin Warther, Weilong Zhang, Yunong Zhang

The Temporary Interior Workshop was led by artist Helen Quinn.
A monochromatic avant-garde food selection was prepared by guest chef Sarah Nicholas.

Live music by Mannes students: Emily Misch and Richard Symons, voice. Binna Han, keyboard.

Video by Mochi Liu.