Aftertaste 2011 Immaterial Environments Reception

April 2, 2011
6:00 - 10:00 PM

"Using paper - the medium on which we designers make visible our musings on space, form, mood and tone - we have sought to expose the immaterial environments otherwise hidden in this architectural space. Here, paper exposes contrast between sound, light and dark, warm and cold, stillness and movement.
We are thrilled that you could join us tonight and hope that you will help us to expose another immaterial aspect of this space; time. As you populate this environment tonight, feel free to spill wine, drop food, doodle on or carve into these surfaces. They are temporary and temporal, and so are we. Please, leave your mark." MFA Interior Design 1st year students

Immaterial Experience was a temporary environment realized by MFA Interior Design 1st year students - Chardae Adams, Paolo Agostinelli, Nazaneen Azarbaijani, Livia Di Mario, Lee Gibson, Michael Lee, Saeuk Lee, Kimberly Kelly, Marilila Kyrtata, Meredith Moore, Elisabeth Parker, Molly Prickitt, Malgorzata Rodek, Mauricio Zermeno - and MFA Lighting Design 1st year students - Catherine Chia and Coralis Melendez.

The Temporary Interior Workshop was led by artist Helen Quinn.
A black & white food tasting selection was prepared by guest chef Ashton Keefe.

A special thanks to Le Parker Meridien, WasaraAcolyte and the BFA Interior Design students who helped us realize this event.