Aftertaste 2014 Ambiguity and Sensibility Reception

March 1, 2014
6:00 - 10:00 PM

Ambiguity, uncertainty, inexactness, or multiplicity of meaning. This reception offers a rediscovery of familiar territory via the unfamiliar. Playing with spatial and experiential lenses, the senses are suffused with ambiguity and are led toward revelation.

"The reception was bathed in monochrome diffuse light using low pressure sodium lamps that rendered vibrant food displays in subtle de-saturated tones. Existing columns provided the framework for bio-based Xorel fabric partitions in the foyer, allowing for the controlled diffusion of incandescent light. Custom food pedestals, cocktail tables and a wall mounted utensil display were constructed of recycled paper homasote panels.  All materials were donated, recycled or repurposed with an emphasis on environmental impact and sustainability." - MFA INTERIOR DESIGN FIRST YEAR STUDENTS

Ambiguity was a temporary environment realized by MFA Interior Design Students - Sebastian Caiedo Cajiao, Khatera Dehzad, Lindsey Dieter, Adriana Feuerberg Colmenares, Marina Cunha, Julia Grunberg, Jia Hua, Amanda Kerschner, Shin Kim, Jacueline Leung, Naoko Oba, Lee Anne Shaffer, Laura Suppan and Elizabeth Wright.

The Temporary Interior Workshop was led by artist Helen Quinn.
A surrealist inspired food selection was prepared by guest chef Ashton Keefe.

Music and accompaniment by guest pianist Dor Heled. Click below to listen

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A special thanks to Carnegie, Sherwin-Williams and Wasara for helping us realize this event.