Aftertaste: Moving In Speakers Announced, April 2+3

Aftertaste: Moving In examines environmental, economic and social pressures on interior design. What ideas, skills, and areas of specialist knowledge are “moving in” in response to those pressures?  These questions will be probed through case studies of interiors conceived and built by a broad range of actors including interior designers, architects, exhibit designers, artists, engineers, furniture manufacturers, fabricators and client groups.

More information on the AfterTaste speakers.

Friday, April 2


History: (Where Have We Come From?)
Susan Yelavich
Joanna Merwood-Salisbury
Alexa Griffith Winton
Paul Makovsky
Alex Kitnick

6pm  / Keynote: Claudy Jongstra


Saturday, April 3


Practice: (What is happening now?)
Jonsara Ruth
Melanie Ide
Margit Geist
David Lewis
Christina Zeidler

Environment: (What is the state of things?)
Alfred Zollinger
Cameron Tonkinwise
Robin Guenther
Jonathan Wybar

Roundtable: (Where Are We Going?)
Susan Szenasy – Moderator