A Conversation with Actor + Director Daniel Wu

A Conversation with Actor + Director Daniel Wu:

What I Learned in Design School

On October 28, the Interior Design program at Parsons School of Constructed Environments hosted an online discussion with actor, director, and producer Daniel Wu about how studying architecture influenced his career in film. Daniel has 78 credits to his name including the recent Warner Brothers film, Reminiscence, the AMC kung-fu series, Into the Badlands, and New Police Story.

Daniel discussed what led him from architecture to acting and how the design process he learned in school informed character development, production, and set design. Daniel also addressed his response to the recent rise in anti-Asian violence in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This discussion was moderated by BFA Interior Design Director, Yu Nong Khew; Adjunct Part-time faculty and founder of Weetu, Carly Cannell; and SCE Associate Dean, Cotter Christian.

欢迎加入Parsons School of Constructed Environments 室内设计部与演员、导演和制片人吳彥祖讨论他学习建筑如何影响他的电影生涯。吳彥祖的演艺事业非常丰富,出演过78部电影,其中包括新警察故事 和最新的 Reminiscence。吳彥祖将讨论他从建筑科走向表演的过程,以及他的经历如何影响角色发展、制作和布景设计。



Daniel Wu

Daniel Wu is an American actor, director, producer, race car driver, and most recently community activist. After graduating from the University of Oregon in 1997 with a degree in architecture, Wu went to Hong Kong on what was meant to be a short graduation trip. He was soon discovered by art house film director Yonfan and was asked to play the lead role in his first film, “Bishonen”. Wu quickly rose to stardom and has made over 60 films in 20 years while playing a wide range of roles ranging from historical figures to action heroes in “Man with the Iron Fists” (2012), “Tomb Raider” (2018), “Warcraft” (2016) and “Caught in Time” (2020) to name a few. In 2016, Daniel moved back to the States to Executive produce and star in the AMC action series “Into the Badlands ”. Wu can next be seen in Lisa Joy’s feature directorial debut, romantic sci-fi noir thriller “Reminiscence” (2021).