AAS ID installation for DIFFA Dining by Design

The recent Parsons installation for DIFFA Dining by Design was featured in the April 2013 issue of Interior Design Magazine.

The installation focused on creating an environment  of transformation and change—of topography, of materials and of space.  In their material studies, student worked with common materials such as tyvek and through surface manipulation and connections transformed the material into a continuous, all-encompassing setting.  This contoured form was then suspended over a concealed structural frame and illuminated from within as well as backlit with LED lighting translating an ebb and flow of material and light as memory in a space.

The furniture was also designed and fabricated by the design team— the single and double stools, as well as the faceted birch plywood table painted with a topographic pattern and overlaid on the similarly painted plywood floor.

______DIFFA DBD 2013 web 1

Anne Nixon, Parsons AAS ID-2

Student Design Team:
Eleonore Pillet
Nathan Cuttle
Reilly Townsend
Michael Gerber
Sabine Hertzog
Kim Shaves