Photos – Open Studio: Genealogy of Bassac
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Photos – Open Studio: Genealogy of Bassac
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This is an open studio of Genealogy of Bassac project which hosted by SaSa Art Projects and supported by Parsons the New School for Design. The event aims to introduce and make awareness to the White Building’s community about the project; to make dialogue between the community and other people about the genealogy of Bassac and the White Building. It is a continued event of symposium on January 9-10 2015 under the topic: Time, Space, Voices: Phnom Penh’s White Building which hosted by Bophana center and organized by SaSa Bassac and SaSa Art Projects. The studio of Genealogy of Bassac opened on January 18 2015.

This project will map the genealogy of Bassac area, Phnom Penh as a community based, participatory exercise. A key objective is to discover ways to visualize the differences of urban form rather than continuities, and the characteristics of urban ruptures through various historical eras. The mapping exercise will take place within and be informed by the artistic community of the famous White Building, currently under threat of demolition. The project aims to learn what is existing now in Bassac, and what was in the past, creating a new dialogue which can serve as a basis for ideas about the future of the city.


  • Pen Sereypagna: Genealogy of Bassac
  • Royal University of Fine Arts’ students, Phnom Penh: Hann Vathanakun, Roeun Virak, Thlang Chhairath, Khem Darain, Puy Vicheaveng, Seng Y Den
  • Parsons the New School for Design: Danielle BOWLER, Catherine SIMS, Michael Mc DOWELL.