Professional architectural photographer Michael Moran came up to Highbridge pool on Friday, September 14th to shoot the completion of construction on the Splash House.  We’d like to share some of the results with you here.

PHOTO: Courtesy Michael Moran: Men’s locker area, with the sliding doors in the open position, ready for an influx of swimmers!

PHOTO: Courtesy Michael Moran: The men’s check-in area, where swimmers can either head towards public changing areas on the right, or if requested,to a family changing room on the left.

PHOTO: Courtesy Michael Moran: The interior of the men’s changing area, clad in reclaimed cedar. Translucent corrugation on the roof and east wall allows for natural illumination well into the late afternoon  as shown here.

PHOTO: Courtesy Michael Moran: The rhythm of of the structural elements of the Splash House were designed to be in sync with the elements  present on the landmarked  Highbridge Recreation Center, which sits directly behind it.
PHOTO: Courtesy Michael Moran: The marine grade plywood of the structural ribs, already one season older than some other parts of the Splash House, has aged nicely.

PHOTO: Courtesy Michael Moran (altered from original): The walls of the Splash House slide, allowing the locker rooms to become additional private changing areas at the end of each swim shift!
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