Ronit Eisenbach: “Installations By Architects: Experiments in Building & Design” Exhibit and Book Talk / April 7

Critical areas of discussion under the themes of tectonics, body, nature, memory, and public space.

Claudy Jongstra, Fabric Fashioner / Williams & Tsien, Architects: On-Site Insight Tour / April 1

Raw silk, raw linen, raw camelhair, raw cashmere and especially raw wool.

Stefan Behnisch, Architect: Total Project Analysis / Mar 25

Natural light, simple materials and response to the human scale.

Dakota Jackson, Furniture Designer: On-Site Insight Tour / March 11

Dance. Music. Design.

Renny Ramakers, Droog Design: Recent Works / March 4

Droog has, since 1993, made a statement on design, with their no-nonsense, down to earth design mentality.

RIGHT AT HOME: From classroom to marketplace, a new generation of home decor designers

An article about our furniture projects came out recently on AP, and includes several photos. Click here to read more.

Design Workshop 2009: CONNECT 4LOOR

(All Photos by Michael Moran)Visit the Design Workshop Page :The 2009 Design Workshop undertook the complete renovation and transformation of […]

Guggenheim Symposium / Jan 18

A symposium around the topic of the role of architect and artist collaborations in infrastructural projects in cities and the landscape.

Paul Goldberger: “Building Up & Tearing Down” & “Why Architecture Matters”

Book Talk / Feb 19

Michael Fark: Light Up The World Foundation / February 16

Getting renewable energy lighting technologies to communities around the world.

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