Urban Design Senior Studio – Publicized City


By Dobin Son


Stadium Site:

Entrance Proposal:  (Macro Scale)

Zoning the commercial district for more street markets, which will offer better activities when accessing the stadium area.

Elemental Middle Block Site: (Micro Scale)

Small-scale patches of square or green space spread out along with blocks, dedicated for micro scale interventions.

Independence Monument Park: (Macro Scale)

Point of designed park is to offer structures to park to be more publicized.

Higher or taller trees to block the atmosphere of political forces on northern side of the park.

Diamond Island: (Macro Scale)

Newly provided Tuk Tuk stops will bring more people into the Diamond Island.

Tuk Tuk is well-know public transportation in Phnom Penh; I think idea of publicizing Tuk Tuk will make the city more dynamic. 

Water Front: (Mega Scale)

By using the relationships between linear connections and inner land along with three different parts of waterfront in Mekong River, I wanted waterfronts to become more active. Public water transportations system would make waterfront to be more vital.

I do believe that water taxi would offer better opportunities for people to interact from island to island.

Space is not always symbolic.

Publicized space

Space is not always symbolic, symbolic space is to become space for actions.

Stretching out the city.

1. Hierarchy is the linear line from Stadium to the other side of island.

2. Then other fragments come along with main linear idea.




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