Urban Design Senior Studio – 2022.


By Paan Rapa Surajaras


My living art city project intends to enrich the diverse character of Canal Street people from an intangible subject into physical design. By choosing three as the experimental sites to allow the “artist” or local people to gradually change the patch into their territory by their life style. Not only create more public space but the patches also use as the monkey cheek which collect the water during the flooding situation and let the water out in every drought season. The art that has been occupied to the site will be erased by the flood every year and will be created over and over again. Lastly, in 2022, every patch will be used 100% to contain a big amount of water which will explode out from the ground of Collect Pond Park without impacting a bigger scale. This project will re-embrace the whole canal street people together and create the new art of living which will change perception of people to water into a thing that truly related to their life.

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