Photo: 2011 Design Workshop: The first bit of deck is hammered away by Michael Brotherton in the Design Workshop bobcat.

It’s been an exciting week as construction has begun on the Splash House! The construction site has been fenced off. The storage containers are on site. The bobcat is gassed up and zipping around the pool deck.

The first few days have been immensely gratifying, as all our design work has started to take physical form. A delivery of prefabricated steel has arrived, as well as several pallets of absolutely gourgeous reclaimed ceder that will be used for benches. The glulams which will ultimately form the buildings structural spine are stacked out back, and the re/bar for the the concrete pours has been bent, shaped, and tied, and will soon be used in the column footings.

We’ve stated to punch through the deck, and the majority of the 23 holes that need to be made have been marked, drilled, sawed, and then chipped away with the pneumatic hammer.

Stayed tuned for more updates over the next few days!

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